Self Learning Material for Learning Cantonese

Useful website and apps for self learning Cantonese

  1. Tradukka – Translate Cantonese to English


It is very accurate and easy to use. Even tenses, slang and foul language can be translate accurately.

2. Pleco –Phone dictionary for learning Mandarin and Cantonese


Pros: Pleco is useful for learning the pronounciation of Cantonese. Also they will teach you how to write Chinese character in correct order. For Cantonese it is free. You have to go to the setting and change it to ” Enable Cantonese”. Cons: They sometimes mix up mandarin and cantonese vocabularies. Which is quite confusing for learners.

3. ABC Cantonese Dictionary – Plug-in of Pleco $29.99USD 

Pros: If you are advance level student. ABC dictionary would be useful for learning slangs. Cons: It is not useful for beginners. And it cost money.

4. CantoDict –


Pros: CantoDict is more useful than Pleco. As you can use google search directly to get an accurate answer. You just need to put “keyword + sheik” in google and they will show you accurate result. Cons: The vocabulary in sheik is not as much as Pleco.

5. Learn Cantonese! – Useful information and phrases


You can get more information of learning basic Cantonese here.

7. Online Cantonese Input tool


Pros: You can use this tool to type Cantonese without installing any software or apps. Cons: Chinese character only. No English translation is provided.

8. Google Cantonese Input in Gboard


Gboard settings -> Languages -> Add Keyboards, and look for Cantonese.

Google Cantonese is a very strong typing app for typing Chinese. 4 ways are provided for both native Cantonese speakers and foreigners. You can also do writing and voice typing. And the voice typing is super fast and accurate. If you want to use voice typing in Cantonese, you have to change the phone setting in your google voice input.

9. Cantonese Reader Online & Cantonese To Jyutping Converter


This is a good website for self learning. You can copy the Chinese characters and paste it to this website. They will generate the Chinese characters into Romanzie character. Also you can play the sound of each word.

10. Google Chrome Cantonese Input Plug-in

This is an useful Cantonese Input Plugin which only be used at Chrome. Please enable typing Cantonese in the setting.

How to install this plug-in in google Chrome: