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Zoey is a qualified teacher living in Hong Kong. She is a Hong Kong-born, native
Cantonese speaker with extensive experience in teaching Cantonese to students
from primary school age, up to adults. She obtained her teaching license from the
Education University of Hong Kong.
She has 7 years experience in teaching Cantonese as a second language.
Before she started work as a freelance teacher, she worked as a Cantonese
teacher in local primary schools, teaching Cantonese to foreign children. As a
freelancer, she creates her own teaching materials and aims now to provide private
Cantonese lessons to all students, with a focus on adult expats. She has
professional training in teaching expat beginners.
She is enthusiastic about teaching Cantonese and her students have included
company managers, journalists, English teachers, expat athletes, bankers etc.

Education Background

Hong Kong Baptist University Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts
The Education University of Hong Kong Postgraduate Diploma in Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Certificate in teaching Chinese as a second language

Reasons for becoming a Cantonese Teacher

Zoey has had a growing interest in learning languages since her time in university. She likes studying Japanese and developed a passion for Japanese culture and language during her degree. After graduating, she went to Beijing for an internship, and after finishing it began to study Mandarin upon realizing how important it is to be able to communicate on a local level. More recently, she went to Japan on her own for an immersive experience in living abroad without speaking the local language. In doing so, she gained invaluable insight into the difficulties faced by many foreigners upon coming to Hong Kong to live, which has fueled her desire to help students, and as shaped her approach to teaching.

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Photos with students of different nationalities

Studying Japanese board in Japan

Teaching Style

Zoey teaches on a one-on-one basis, with a focus on speaking and listening as they are comparatively easier to learn than Cantonese writing. She insists on having students talk with her in Cantonese in order to practice and gain real-life experience.

Usually, her lessons are divided into several parts: the first involves revising
vocabulary, which is crucial for language learning, but especially so in Cantonese. The second involves reading conversations applicable to daily life, and the third focuses on practicing speaking with the tutor and completing exercises.
(Doing exercises is optional – Please discuss with the teacher beforehand.)

In order to ensure teaching quality, the materials are adjusted with an eye to the level of each student. Teaching content and method can be discussed with the student before lessons begin.

IMG_20160715_212629          IMG_20160717_170240
Lesson with Kato san from Japan Lesson with Godwin from Africa

Why Choose Zoey as a Teacher?

Through her collective experiences in both studying, teaching, and learning
languages, Zoey understands the different challenges and difficulties that come with learning a new language. As she is still learning a new language at the moment, she can understand the struggle of foreign learners.
In her class, students have many chances to speak aloud in Cantonese, an
exercise that is proven to build confidence for later language use. Zoey kindly encourages students to learn Cantonese at their own pace, often advising learners to begin slowly instead of becoming overwhelmed and giving up too soon. As Cantonese is one of the most difficult languages to learn, trial and error is both
expected and encouraged – Zoey believes that making mistakes and learning from them are never a bad thing in learning any language, especially Cantonese. Reading and revising material is provided and there is no need to purchase often expensive learning textbooks, outside of the student’s own desires. Her material is clear, effective, and well-designed, aiming to explain the information as clearly and understandably as possible.

Learn Cantonese
Course Outline for Beginners Level

Grade 1

-Tones and Intonation
– Making simple conversations in social situations
-Introducing yourself
-Talking about numbers and time
-Talking about daily life
-Going shopping
-Talking about the past

Grade 2

-Asking and giving directions
-Asking about habits, favorite things
-Talking about weekends, plans, holidays and daily life
-Asking for a favor and permission

Grade 3

-Giving opinions and reasons
-Making requests
-Explaining how to go to a place
-Describing yourself, your family and hobbies
-Understanding recipes

Grade 4

-Comparing things and giving opinions
-Describing advantages and disadvantages
-Talking about illnesses
-Making invitations and suggestions

Grade 5

-Talking about clothes, colors and quality
-Asking for and understanding directions
-Talking about your future plan
-Giving advice
-Understanding manners and etiquette while visiting other people’s houses

Grade 6

-Understanding a casual conversation in social situations
-Telling your country’s practice on gifts

Grade 7

-Talking to people in a polite way
-Showing appreciation
-Describing situations
-Describing the things someone did for you

Grade 8

-Talking about unhappy or unlucky experiences
-Expressing feelings such as apology, trouble, appreciation

Lesson Material Preview

Lesson1-1 Lesson1-2 Lesson1-3
Lesson1-4 Lesson1-5

Language Skill

Fluent in Cantonese
Fluent in Mandarin
Fluent in English
Communication Japanese


1. Lessons can be held in a cafe or at your home or office.
2. Transportation and cost of materials fees are included.
3. The hourly rate is $380 (as of 2023)
4. Please contact the teacher every Sunday to confirm the schedule for the
following week.
5. Same-day cancellations require payment unless the class can be
rescheduled for later the same week, or a doctor’s note is provided.
6. If students cancel the lesson at the very last moment without a
proper reason more than two times, it will be regarded as an automatic
drop out, and re-enrolment will be required.
7. Students should finish the class exercises or homework properly before the class.
8. If the student travels or will be out of town for more than two weeks, please inform your teacher at least two weeks before the travel.