Tips for learning Cantonese

Learn it yourself is more important than having class
Don’t always rely on the teacher. Your teacher is your assistant only. There are many chances to practice Cantonese in real life.

There are many materials online for self-learning:

Get someone to talk even they are stranger
Grasp the chance and start speaking to native speaker when you feel comfortable to speak out loud.

Read out loud when you practice
Try to read aloud when you practice or revise. Don’t just look at the book and read in your heart.

Apps are your learning good friend
Use technology to help you. There are a lot of apps and website can help you with learning Cantonese. Like Shiek dictionary, Pleco , G board

Revise right after lesson!
Revise right after the lesson. And revise again after 1 day. Also revise the day before the next lesson.

Do your homework, don’t make excuse!
Finish your homework. It is very important for learning language.

Take it easy. Don’t be stressful when learning Chinese characters
Learn Chinese character if you can manage to do it. Sometimes it is difficult for some people but sometimes it isn’t! Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Get a good friend in Hong Kong
Make friends with HK people. You can attend Meetup gathering or start a new hobby here. Many of my students participate in dragon boat racing team and practicing KungFu. It is never a bad idea to start a hobby here. If you like more quiet activities, you can use language exchange website to make friends.

Watch movies and TV dramma
Netflix has a plenty of Cantonese movie in English Subtitle.

A list of animation in Cantonese on Netflix: